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Since 1994, our team has had the privilege of assisting over 4500 companies, from small businesses to multinationals, to expand their operations to the US. We were instrumental in securing over 30 000 US visas and Permanent Residency (Green cards).

CanAm’s Business Center has assisted over 2 500 companies with acquisitions, joint-ventures/mergers, and opening branch offices or subsidiaries in the US.

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This is our contribution to the international business community for those considering to expand and conquer the US market

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US Business L1A/L1B Expansion Visa 

The United States is open for business

Expand your business or company’s operations to the US.

Obtain the same rights and privileges as US companies. Transfer to the US your key employees (including the owners) who are essential to the success of the US operations.

Over 160 countries admissible.

Treaty Investor Visa (E2)

The United States welcome small business’s investors.

US visa tailor-made for small investors investing in a US business or start up.
Minimum investment 100,000 $ US
Obtain US visa for the investor(s) and their dependants (Children 21 and under)
Citizens of over 75 countries admissible

Business Center

Our consulting team with 250 years of combined experience in their related field of expertise with contacts throughout the US
We will assist you with all your business needs.

Let us be part of your team!

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