CanAm Immigration US division

Experts in US business immigration since 1994

CanAm’s mission

For the last 25 years, our mission and strategy through our marketing team has been, and still is, educating businesses or companies on their rights and privileges when conquering the US market.


Because it’s always been a common misconception that foreign businesses or companies can only hire Americans to manage their operations in the US.

Since 1994

Our team has had the privilege of assisting over 4500 companies, from small businesses to multinationals, to expand their operations to the US. We were instrumental in securing over 30 000 US visas and Permanent Residency (Green cards).

We are a turn key business consulting firm.

CanAm Business Center has assisted over 2 500 companies with acquisitions, joint-ventures/ mergers, opening branch offices or subsidiaries in the US.

We are now present in more than 25 countries through our business consultants (Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, England, France, Georgia, Germany Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Vietnam, Ukraine)

Our philosophy

We offer free and unlimited consultation and free assessment. This is our contribution to the international business community for those wanting to expand or conquer the US market.  Businesses need to know if they qualify and why, and which key employees from the business abroad are admissible to manage the US operations.

For businesses or companies who don’t qualify, they need to know the additional steps they need to do to qualify.

We have never asked for financial retainers for evaluating our future clients or company’s admissibility to expand their operations to the US and if their trusted employees meet the administrative rules authorizing them to obtain US visas and Permanent Residency/ Green Card for them and their family (spousal and children 21 and under).

Our Welcoming team

Landing in a new country can sometimes be stressful and demanding. At CanAm, we fully understand the challenges you might have to face once in the US and we are able to assist you and your family every step of the way. Our” welcoming team” is specially trained to facilitate everything for you, from housing requirements to school admissions in order to make your transition as seamless as possible.

New york immigration Lwa group

NY immigration Law Group

NY immigration Law Group assists and represents your business or company and your key employees before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for their approval.

For treaty investors, we assist and represent our client before the US State Department, consulate or embassy, duly authorized in the client’s home country that issues the US visas for key employees and their family.

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