Our Accomplishments since 1994

Since 1994, we have successfully secured over 30,000 US work visas and Green Cards and assisted over 4,500 companies. Please find below some of the industries, businesses and services for which we have obtained US work visas and Green Cards. Upon request we can put you in contact with some of our clients who have benefited from our services and who are in your related field.


  • Engineering firms
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturing industry:

Commercial planes and private jets, automobiles and trucks, auto parts, commercial and city buses, tractor trailers, construction material, steel, forestry (sawmill), snow groomer vehicles, sport apparels, papermill, cables, artificial grass (golf course, tennis court, football stadiums, track and field), woodworking (cabinets), prefab steel buildings, prefab homes, hockey sticks manufacturers, recreational boats.


We assisted over 4,500 companies around the world with their US expansion.
Hotel management, Hotel maintenance, Sale of good and services, Golf course, Convenient stores, Casino boat, Automobile franchises, Restaurant franchises, Service industry, Consulting firms, Accounting firms, Software companies, IT companies, Magazine companies, Logging companies, Travel tour companies, Printing companies, Tooling companies, Farm equipment companies.

Investor visa:

We have obtained thousands of visas for small businesses (E2) and work authorization for the spousal.


We have obtained thousands of professional visas for Canadians, Americans and Mexicans (NAFTA/ TN Visa) and international professional visas (H1-B and Green Cards) for professionals around the world.

Construction industry

We assisted over 1500 construction companies extending their business in the US. We obtained work visas for over 5000 construction workers. Commercial, industrial, residential (including condos) and excavation companies.

Spousal & Waivers

  • Thousands of family petitions (sponsoring for marriage to a US citizen).
  • Obtained thousands of waivers (which gives permission to enter the US for business or pleasure for individuals who have criminal records in their home country).

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